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TELC B2 Practice tests with answers & 4 CD

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TELC B2 PRACICE TESTS WITH ANSWERS by Marta Oziembała and Elżbieta Szabat is addressed to candidates preparing for TELC B2 examination. It contains eleven tests which include all the tasks appearing on the B2 level of the TELC Examination and allow testing the following skills – reading, language elements, writing, speaking and listening. The first ten tests are divided into topics, with all the tasks and activities related to the topic. The last test is a general one which tests overall language abilities on this level. The topics were selected according to the standards of the TELC examination centre in Frankfurt am Main. Materials for the tests have been taken from various authentic sources such as the Internet, radio programmes, various English and American newspapers and magazines as well as advertisements, commercials, etc. To keep the materials unchanged, the spelling follows both British and American spelling standards. In this way, the candidates will not only get used to different spelling norms, but they will also learn how to distinguish between formal and informal texts and cultural differences.
The book can become a useful source of preparation and/or revision for candidates who want to check their skills before they take the exam; it can also be used during TELC courses; teachers may start with whichever chapter they wish. As the key is included, parts of the tests can be given as homework assignment. The key part to practice in class is speaking. The authors, TELC examiners themselves, have checked, corrected and tested all the materials in practice during TELC courses run at Cracow University of Technology.



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