English for Environmental Engineering



Autor: Małgorzata Grzegożek, Iwona Starmach

Opis: Reading and vocabulary practice for students of civil egeneering


  1. Numbers and Shapes
  2. How to prevent a meltdown
  3. Hazy days
  4. Sweet dreams
  5. Sun in the forecast
  6. Wind power
  7. Flying over venice
  8. Born again waterways
  9. The pollution of natural resources
  10. Slippery slopes of knowledge
  11. Geotechnical monitoring
  12. Heat transfer in a building
  13. Air conditioning
  14. Significant floods in the united states during the 20th century – usgs measures a century of floods…
  15. Hudson river dredging plan set to enter design phase
  16. Looking peaky
  17. Hydrodynamic modelling
  18. The collection and transport of wastewater
  19. The trickle down theory of cleaner air
  20. References
  21. Glossary
  22. Answer key