Mechanical Engineering



Autor: Dorota Gawryła, Kamila Wójcik + CD

Mechanical Engineering – Reading in English made easy by Dorota Gawryła is aimed at students at an intermediate and more advanced level of English, corresponding to levels B1/B2 of the Common European Framework. It can be used in class with the help of a teacher or for self-study, since the answer key is included.
The book consists of eight chapters, each comprising Pre-reading, Reading, and Follow-up. All the reading passages are accompanied by a wide variety of comprehension tasks and extensive vocabulary practice activities. The Follow-up section provides additional speaking and vocabulary practice. The tasks designed for pair or group work to stimulate communication have been given in the Interactive Activities part.
Each chapter is a separate unit. Thus the chapters do not need to be studied in any
particular order.
The topics covered are:
Chapter One, At the speed of life, the characteristics and application of titanium;
Chapter Two, Bottled electricity prepares to hit the road, on car batteries;
Chapter Three, Holding things together, on welding;
Chapter Four, Rapid prototyping;
Chapter Five, Swarming satbots, satellites and space research;
Chapter Six, New carbon molecules make stronger metals, about metallurgy;
Chapter Seven, On wings of magnetism, magnetic levitation trains;
Chapter Eight, For car lovers, on car steering.
The Miscellany part contains texts for extensive reading.
The new edition of the book is accompanied by a listening comprehension section, developed by Kamila Wójcik, with passages recorded by English native speakers. The subject matter directly corresponds to the book core. The user will find a large assortment of listening practice tasks.