Production Management and Engineering



Autor: Agnieszka Majka-Pauli, Kamila Wójcik

This book has been written in direct response to the needs of students of Production Management and Engineering at an upper intermediate and advanced level of English, who wish to widen their scope of professional vocabulary in the subject matter of their university courses. However, selected sections may be equally suitable for students of other faculties such as Automation and Robotics, Machine Design, Human Resources Management, Quality Management, etc. The authors’ aim is not to teach the subject, but to provide students with vocabulary which might be useful in their future studies and professional career.
The book offers a variety of authentic texts connected with different aspects of production, quality, and management. It consists of eight units devoted to different topics. Each unit offers a variety of exercises aimed at introducing the topic, reading comprehension practice, and consolidation of the vocabulary. Each unit includes some activities to be done in pairs and group projects to stimulate communication and teamwork. The book is appropriate to be used in class with the help of a teacher, but it may also serve self-study as the answer key and glossary is provided at the end of the book.