Transport & Logistics



Autor: Magdalena Bednarska-Wnęk, Aleksandra Kwiecińska

Opis: for students of Transport and Logistics at an intermediate and more advanced of English

The new, updated and extended edition of Transport and Logistics has been prepared in direct response to the needs of students at an intermediate and more advanced level of English, who would like to enlarge their vocabulary in the subject matter of their university courses.
The book provides a selection of texts illustrating sample problems connected with transport. Our aim is not to teach the subject itself, but to provide students with the vocabulary which might be useful in their future studies and professional career.
The new revised edition (compiled by Magdalena Bednarska-Wnęk), consists of thirty items containing: pre-reading, a text, comprehension, vocabulary exercises and communicative activities. What is attractive in the book is a rich variety of tasks checking the understanding, extending and practising vocabulary.
Beside the updated texts the book includes seven new texts to expand the range of topics related to transportation. Another aim, equally important, was to significantly extend the range and assortment of tasks and activities to help students improve their speaking skills.
The texts in this book are divided into three parts:
Part 1: Intensive Reading – Texts 1-9 – involves students reading in detail with specific learning aims and tasks.
Part 2: Extensive Reading – Texts 10-22 – involves students reading texts for enjoyment and to develop general reading skills.
Part 3: Film Based Reading — Texts 23—30 — involves reading texts that can be accompanied by films presenting the same topics (from Discovery Channel and National Geographic).

The book can be used in class with a teacher or for self-study, as the answer key to the exercises is included at the back of the book.


  1. A hundred years of transportation
  2. The role and function of transport
  3. Logistics
  4. The terminals
  5. Specific vehicles
  6. Public transport
  7. Efficiency in public transport
  8. Road pricing
  9. Beating a bottleneck
  10. Toll truck lanes proposed to improve safety
  11. Road wars in europe
  12. Europe by road
  13. Is driving on the right right or wrong?
  14. Environmental issues
  15. Railroad
  16. Building a railroad
  17. Transcontinental railroad
  18. Barreling down the tracks
  19. Europe by rail – high-speed trains
  20. Some other high-seed trains
  21. Eurotunnel
  22. Building the world’s longest tunnel
  23. Some special passenger trains
  24. Pair work
  25. Answer key
  26. Bibliography